How Much Does SEO Cost In Australia? [Updated April 2024]

Understanding cost factors is crucial for businesses aiming to enhance their online presence and drive growth. This guide provides a detailed examination of SEO pricing, equipping businesses with the knowledge to make informed investments in their digital strategy.

Common Questions about the Cost of SEO in Australia

How Much Does SEO Cost in Australia?

Investment in SEO is not one-size-fits-all.

For small businesses, a monthly budget ranging from AUD 1,500 to AUD 3,000 is typical.

Medium-sized enterprises may find themselves investing between AUD 3,000 to AUD 9,000 monthly.

For larger, enterprise-level companies, budgets can soar above AUD 10,000 per month, reflecting the scale and scope of their SEO strategies.

Is Paying Per Keyword Still Relevant?

Gone are the days when SEO pricing was simplified down to per-keyword costs. Today’s SEO success hinges on a holistic approach. focusing on:

  • Content quality
  • User experience
  • Mobile-first indexing
  • Strength of backlinks profile
  • Mentions in credible sources
  • Technical architecture & crawlability

These elements collectively play a pivotal role in determining a website’s rank on search engines, marking a shift from previous, more simplistic SEO strategies.

Modern SEO strategies at Marketix now include a broad range of factors beneficial for search engine rankings, moving past the focus on keywords alone.

Hourly Rates for SEO Services in Australia

SEO consultancy and services in Australia typically charge hourly rates ranging from AUD $100 to AUD $300. This rate can vary based on the consultant’s expertise and the specific needs of your project. While considering hourly rates, remember that the value delivered by the SEO professional is key to their time on the clock.

The cost of SEO in Australia means knowing what your business needs and the benefits of good SEO. Smart investments here can lead to better online presence and growth.

Hourly Rates for SEO Services in Australia

Factors Affecting the Cost of SEO Services

Different business types, from e-commerce platforms to local storefronts, present unique challenges and opportunities in SEO.

Your business’s online presence, the intensity of your market’s competition, and the specific goals you aim to achieve with your SEO strategy all play pivotal roles in shaping the cost.

The Nature of Your Business

E-commerce Sites

E-commerce platforms have distinct SEO challenges that can affect costs. Optimising product pages, organising category pages, and creating useful content are all important. Each task needs careful work to help search engines and customers find and appreciate what’s offered.

Complex schema markups further complicate the process, with monthly expenses possibly extending from AUD $3,500 to AUD $12,000 or more, depending on scale and complexity.

Local Businesses

Local SEO serves a very specific purpose, targeting geographic relevance with precision. It’s about more than just mentioning a location; it’s about making sure your business connects with the community and appears in searches by local people.

This could mean anything from optimising Google My Business listings to engaging with local events online. Costs for such focused SEO work typically range from AUD $1,500 to AUD $3,500 monthly.

Mid-Sized Businesses

Mid-sized businesses occupy a unique niche, balancing between the extensive requirements of large enterprises and the more straightforward needs of smaller entities.

A strategic blend of technical SEO, content creation, and a dual focus on local and national presence defines their approach.

Monthly investments for these businesses might fall between AUD $3,500 and AUD $12,000.

Enterprise-Like Businesses

At the enterprise level, the scale and complexity of SEO efforts amplify significantly. Advanced technical SEO, compliance, and governance considerations are essential, often pushing monthly costs to AUD $15,000, AUD $25,000, or beyond.

This reflects not only the scope of work but also the strategic depth required to handle such large-scale extensive projects effectively.

The Competitive Nature of Your Industry

High-Competition Industries

  • Content Saturation: With the abundance of content, distinguishing your brand requires a dynamic content strategy that might include diverse formats such as videos, podcasts, and interactive media.
  • Reputation Management: In a highly competitive environment, it’s important to focus on managing your online reputation by using reviews and testimonials effectively.
  • Cost Implication: Due to the heightened competition, expect SEO costs to range significantly, possibly from AUD $5,000 to AUD $15,000 monthly or more, reflecting the need for a more aggressive and multifaceted strategy.

Low-Competition Industries

  • Focused Keyword Strategy: Less competition for keywords means you can be more direct and might get to the top faster.
  • Content Opportunities: With fewer competitors, there’s a golden chance to emerge as a leading voice through unique and authoritative content.
  • Cost Implication: The less intense competitive environment allows for more accessible SEO investment, with costs likely between AUD $1,200 to AUD $6,000 per month, offering a more cost-effective route to visibility.
Chart of SEO services for differing Target Markets - Local SEO, National SEO, International SEO


The Scope of Your Target Market

Local SEO

Geo-Specific Keywords: Important for attracting a local customer base, focusing on local identifiers alongside locality names.

  • Local Business Listings: Vital for visibility, particularly on platforms like Google My Business.
  • Community Engagement: Involves participating in local events and collaborations to enhance backlinks.
  • Local Reviews and Testimonials: A significant boost to local SEO efforts comes from encouraging customer reviews on local sites.
  • Cost Implication: Typically ranges from AUD $1,800 to AUD $5,500 per month, reflecting its specialised yet relatively affordable nature for city-wide campaigns.

National SEO

  • Broad Keyword Strategy: Targets keywords relevant across multiple regions, suitable for a nationwide audience.
  • Diverse Content Strategy: Adapts to the varied needs of a national audience with different content types.
  • Competitive Analysis: Important in understanding the broader competition scope.
  • Cost Implication: Costs range from AUD $5,000 to AUD $15,000 or more, indicating its mid-to-high range due to a broader target market.

International SEO

  • Multi-Language Optimisation: Involves translation and localisation for multiple languages.
  • Cultural Sensitivity: Content must be relevant and respectful towards different cultures.
  • Global Link-Building Strategy: Requires forming international partnerships for a global reach.
  • Geo-Targeting and Localisation: Uses advanced techniques to direct users to the most relevant site version.
  • Cost Involved: Costs often exceed AUD $12,000, reflecting the complexity and scale of targeting a global market.

Geographical Considerations

The geographical location of your business or target audience significantly impacts your SEO strategy and its costs.

The differentiation between bustling city environments and more tranquil regional areas presents unique challenges and opportunities for SEO implementation.

Major Cities

In major cities such as Sydney or Melbourne, the competitiveness intensifies.

High competition and living costs elevate SEO service charges, pushing businesses to adopt both local and national SEO strategies. This diversity in consumer behaviour requires nuanced keyword and content strategies.

As a result, businesses in these areas might face SEO expenses ranging from AUD $5,500 to AUD $13,000 per month.

Regional Areas

Conversely, regional areas offer a different dynamic. Here, the focus shifts towards community engagement and localised content, allowing businesses to potentially become community focal points. The decreased competition level enables a less intensive SEO approach, with costs more likely to sit between AUD $1,200 and AUD $4,500 per month.

Complexity and Size of Your Website

The scale and intricacy of your website play a crucial role in determining your SEO investment. Larger sites or those with complex functionalities necessitate advanced SEO expertise.

Number of Pages

More pages mean more metadata to optimise, a complex content strategy, an intricate internal linking structure, and a need for page speed optimisation.

This escalates the workload, with SEO costs for larger websites possibly reaching AUD $8,000 to AUD $14,000 or more monthly.

Technical Complexity

Websites with unique designs, custom coding, or special functionalities demand a higher level of SEO expertise, influencing overall costs.

Custom-Coded Websites

Custom-coded sites require specific schema markup, optimisation for modern JavaScript frameworks, and server-side optimisations.

These tailored needs can elevate SEO costs to between AUD $10,000 and AUD $25,000 monthly.

Website Architecture

A complex website architecture necessitates a thoughtful approach to URL structure, internal linking, and XML sitemaps, potentially driving costs up to AUD $8,500 to AUD $14,000 monthly.

Unique Functionality

Websites with special features and custom builds may need advanced SEO techniques, impacting user experience and requiring database-level SEO work. The costs for such sites often range from AUD $8,000 to AUD $17,000 monthly.

Quality of Service

The quality of the SEO service provider significantly affects both the cost and the outcomes of your SEO strategy.
Investing in higher-quality services often yields better ROI, faster results, and a higher level of customer service.


SEO teams with proven success records charge higher fees but can provide better ROI and faster results, with costs likely in the range of AUD $8,000 to AUD $15,000 monthly.


The comprehensiveness of services, including content creation and quality link building, can raise SEO costs to between AUD $8,000 and AUD $16,000 monthly.

Customer Service

High-quality services typically offer superior customer support and transparent reporting, crucial for successful SEO implementation.

These services often command higher fees, reflecting the added value of ongoing support and transparency in reporting.

Pricing Models for SEO Services in Australia


Choosing the Right Pricing Model for Your SEO Needs

Selecting the appropriate pricing model is important for aligning your SEO budget with the expected quality of work. Understanding the pros and cons of each model can guide you to the best choice for your business’s unique requirements.

Retainer-Based SEO Model

This model involves a fixed monthly or annual fee for ongoing SEO services. It’s suited for long-term projects needing consistent SEO efforts, offering predictable budgeting and continuous strategy implementation.

Monthly fees typically range from AUD $3,000 to AUD $15,000, varying with project complexity.

Project-Based SEO Model

Ideal for short-term projects with specific tasks, this model ensures a clear scope and deliverables for a one-time payment. It’s perfect for one-off technical audits or website migrations, with costs defined upfront, ranging from AUD $5,000 to AUD $25,000 per project.

Hourly SEO Model

Offering maximum flexibility, this model allows payment for SEO services by the hour, suitable for small tasks or consultations.

Costs are closely controlled, with hourly rates ranging from AUD $100 to AUD $300, depending on expertise and task complexity.

The Other Costs You Should Know About

Beyond monthly or annual fees, additional costs such as one-off setup fees and subscriptions for SEO tools can affect your budget.

One-off Setup Fees

Covering initial audits and basic SEO implementations, these fees can range from AUD $500 to AUD $8,000. They are important for starting your SEO efforts and should be considered in your initial budget.

Additional Tools and Subscriptions

SEO requires premium tools for keyword research, competitor analysis, and more. These subscriptions can add AUD $120 to AUD $400 per month per tool to your ongoing costs, vital for effective SEO management.

Comparison Tables for Understanding SEO Costs

Providing clarity on SEO costs, this guide helps you with budget management and planning across different business types and SEO models.

Average SEO Costs by Business Type

Below, we break down the typical costs and factors that influence them for E-commerce Sites, Local Businesses, Mid-Sized Businesses, and Enterprise-like Businesses.

Average SEO Costs by Business Type


E-commerce Sites

For the necessary growth and survival in E-commerce, expect to invest from AUD $3,500 to AUD $12,000 monthly.
Costs vary with website complexity, product volume, and market competition.

Local Businesses

Targeting a more focused audience, local businesses typically spend AUD $1,500 to AUD $3,500 monthly on SEO services, influenced by local competition and the scope of local reach.

Mid-Sized Businesses

Balancing scale and focus, mid-sized businesses may see SEO costs around AUD $3,000 to AUD $AUD 9,000 monthly, affected by industry competitiveness and market trends.

Enterprise-like Businesses

With their vast scale and complex needs, enterprise-like businesses start at AUD $10,000 monthly for SEO, considering national/international targeting and website complexity. Enterprise SEO is a complex and multifaceted undertaking.

Choosing Between In-House, Agency, and Hybrid Models

Deciding on an execution strategy for your SEO involves considering in-house teams, agencies, or a blend of both, each with distinct costs and benefits. Below, we explore these different models to help you make an informed decision.

In-House vs Agency SEO Models


In-House Models

Though offering close collaboration, in-house SEO is often 20-30% more costly than agency models, requiring salaries, software costs, training, and benefits.

Agency Models

Agencies provide specialist expertise and can be more cost-effective over time, with one consolidated fee covering a range of services and tool costs.

Hybrid Models

Blending in-house and outsourced tasks, hybrid models offer flexibility but require careful budgeting due to their variable costs.

Other Factors Influencing SEO Costs

In the dynamic world of SEO, costs can be influenced by a variety of factors beyond the basic considerations of business type or pricing model. Below, we explore these often-overlooked variables.

Other Factors Influencing SEO Costs

Scope of the Project

The range and complexity of SEO activities planned will directly impact costs.

Projects with a wider scope, involving comprehensive strategies such as content creation across various formats and international targeting, will naturally require a larger investment compared to simpler, localised campaigns.

Level of Expertise

The experience and skill level of the SEO professionals you choose to work with can significantly affect your budget.

High-quality services from reputable agencies or seasoned freelancers, known for their effective strategies and swift outcomes, typically come at a premium but offer a potentially higher ROI.

Geographical Location

The physical location of your business or your SEO provider can play a role in assessing overall costs.

Major cities with high competition and living expenses may see higher rates for SEO services, reflecting the need to cover these increased costs of operation.

The Risks of Cheap SEO

While budget-friendly SEO options are attractive, they come with significant risks, such as the potential for search engine penalties and compromised site performance.

Low-cost services often provide generic solutions that fail to meet specific business needs, leading to ineffective results and unclear ROI.

Investing in quality SEO is essential for avoiding these pitfalls and securing long-term benefits.

SEO as an Investment

SEO should be viewed not just as a cost but as a vital investment in your business’s future. It offers sustainable advantages, including lasting visibility and brand authority, which contribute to ongoing organic traffic and lead generation.

Compared to paid advertising, SEO is more cost-effective in the long run, providing continuous returns on your investment.

Competitive Advantage & Cost Effectiveness

Investing in SEO can give your business a significant competitive edge, positioning your brand as a leading authority in your industry. This strategic advantage is achieved through cost-effective means, with SEO offering better value compared to traditional advertising channels.

Measurable Results and Future-Proofing

SEO’s adaptability to search engine evolution and changing consumer behaviour makes it a future-proof marketing strategy. Its measurable nature allows businesses to track performance and optimise strategies for improved ROI, ensuring that investments are both accountable and effective.

Making the Right Choice: How to Choose an SEO Service

Choosing the right SEO provider is critical. Look for agencies with proven experience, transparent practices, and a willingness to share past success stories.

Make sure they offer clear reporting and have expertise relevant to your industry. Before committing, discuss contract terms, inquire about potential additional costs, and clarify how they measure and report on key performance indicators.

What Questions to Ask Before Signing a Contract

Before finalising your choice, ask about the provider’s experience in your industry, the specifics of their reporting methods, and which KPIs they prioritise.

Understand the length and terms of the contract, including any early termination clauses or additional fees that may apply. This diligence will help ensure you select an SEO service that aligns with your business goals and budget.


Dealing with the complexities of SEO investment requires a strategic approach and an understanding of the various factors that impact costs.

By considering the scope of your project, the expertise of your service provider, and the long-term value of SEO, you can make informed decisions that benefit your business. Remember, quality SEO is an investment in your brand’s online presence and future success.

Make smart choices to stay ahead and grow steadily online.

Top Takeaways

  • SEO is a long-term investment that continues to deliver value over time.
  • Quality of service is crucial; you often get what you pay for.
  • The cost of SEO services varies widely based on various factors such as business type, industry competition, and geographical location.
  • Be cautious of cheap SEO services; they can do more harm than good.

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